Why We Do What We Do

We are cultivating a world of whole, soulful citizens

The challenges in our world are legion. There are too many people without clean water, or enough food, or sufficient education. There is too much disease and way too much violence. The problem is that these issues don’t seem to go away. There are so many people working diligently and soulfully to try and meet these challenges, and yet, the problems persist, the cycles continue. So there has to be another answer.

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At OneVoice we find the answer in wholeness. We are all connected. As long as we pretend we’re not, we will continue to address problems with blinders on. When we are unbalanced within ourselves, we are bound to see a world that is out of balance, and we engage from that place of imbalance. But when we are integrated, when we are in balance within ourselves—we engage the world with clear eyes and a wholeness of spirit.

The best way we have found to reach that place of inherent wholeness is through creative joy. Music, movement, visual art—all of these expressions are part of a universal language that points each of us back to our individual and collective center, to the part of us that is shared and joyful and authentic. If we can invest in that kind of creative, holistic education around the world, then we are not only investing in the next great musician or actor, but the next great marine biologist, peacemaker, or astronomer.

“It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.”

– Frederick Douglass


And so the child who dances cultivates a sense of freedom and the child who sings cultivates compassion and the child who paints cultivates a sense of space and possibility.

And those children grow up to be whole, soulful citizens. Creative thinkers and doers. They are people who say that the answer to clean water for everyone is creative problem solving. The answer to ending hunger is not the belief in lack but the knowledge of abundance. The answer to ending misogyny or violence is self-love.

They are people who say, with OneVoice: the answer is within each of us, and together we can, and we will.

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