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The first time we were given a donation we were overcome by a sense of deep humility. To be trusted with your money and–more importantly–your intention, is a responsibility we do not take lightly. Our pledge is that your donation will always be used responsibly and with a sense of gratitude and grace.

Thank you for investing in the creative voices of children everywhere

OneVoice is a registered 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization (EIN 27-4714784). Your gift is tax-deductible.

To make a donation by mail, send a check made out to OneVoice to:

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Our Voice (from the blog)

  • An Artful Response: Refugee Aid
    Dear Friends, I have spent the better part of the past eight months looking away. The Syrian refugee crisis streams into my living room every night via the evening news...
  • Return To Nicaragua
    Dear Friends, This summer a theme seems to be undeniably emerging. Voices. Everywhere there are voices that have gone un-listened to for far too long. And they are now demanding...
  • One Voice on Voice of America
    Voice of America just published a story on One Voice on their Mandarin channel.  If you happen to speak Mandarin (or even if you don’t – Google does a pretty good...

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