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With more than a million charities in the U.S. alone from which to choose, we know there are plenty of places you could donate your money, time, and resources. So we’ll cut to the chase and tell you why your help will make a difference with OneVoice: Because we’re investing in the creative expression of kids everywhere.


Remember that most of those other charities are using donations to combat problems like intolerance, war, want, need and so on. But we think those problems arise from adults who were never empowered as children to discover and share that inner creative expression. In other words, we’re igniting the creative fire within kids so that they can overcome those problems – or altogether prevent them – when they reach adulthood. Fewer problems equals fewer needed charities.

Like magic, right?

How can you help? The simplest way is, of course, to donate. But if you haven’t gotten the cash, encourage your friends to help by hosting a fundraiser of your own. Or invite OneVoice into your school for a song-and-tell. Or contact us and we’ll give you some other ideas.

Our Voice (from the blog)

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