Friends and Partners

This is a list of our invaluable Friends and Partners. Please be very, very nice to them



images Epic Change is a “social innovation lab that believes love changes everything. We create movements designed to amplify the voices and impact of changemakers, and work to inspire heartful investment in their ideas by spreading the love, joy, & beauty they manifest”. In other words, they’re awesome. They are also our pals who co-host the LaLa Love campaign.



Caffe-Amouri-Logo-900x271Caffe Amouri is our favorite local coffee shop where OneVoice was launched, complete with loads of two of our favorite things: music and caffeine. Owner Michael Amouri keeps all his old record album sleeves (ask your parents, kids) on the walls and roasts his carefully sourced beans in-house. They’ve even created the OneVoice Blend, available right here dontcha know!





Kilroy Creative is the husband-wife – er, wife-husband creative messaging and design firm that has helped with our branding, messaging, strategy and website design.



logo-newMetropolitan School of the Arts is a brand new innovative arts education school in the Washington DC region, “on a mission to enlighten and uplift our global community through exceptional academics and arts education, performance and cultural experiences, empowering positive movement in self and society through the arts”. OneVoice does some actual bricks-and-mortar classwork at this fabulous new institution not far from home in the form of a bi-monthly OneVoice workshop focusing on service through the arts. Soon, we’ll be recording each workshop and sharing it with our community right here! FINALLY we don’t have to fly 6,000 miles for something!


images-4Sirius XM’s Kids Place Live  is our annual media partner for LaLa Love, and an ongoing OneVoice supporter, we love satellite radio!






Whole Foods of Vienna VA has food that is awesome and people that are awesomer. They have also hosted some nifty fundraisers for us. Good deeds and heirloom figs. What could be sweeter?





images-6Putumayo Kids Records was a big supporter and sponsor of our LaLa Love campaign. We know a few things about kids’ music and let’s also just say that the folks at Putumayo know at least as much as we do. And let’s just say that makes for some really big brainy musiacs.





Urban Mattress in Vienna, VA sells sleep. Really good, long, comfortable, eco-friendly, drool-on-your-pillow sleep. And they donate a portion of all that drool-drenched sleep to OneVoice. Good deal for us! If you’re in the area stop by and say hi to the owner, Nathaniel. He’s tall and quiet, unlike us. Or just stop in and take a nap. He won’t mind.

Our Voice (from the blog)

  • CreatED and Crayola
    We are excited to announce that Crayola has become an official supporter of our CreatED programming, donating art supplies to select schools and communities in the OneVoice network. Earlier this...
  • An Artful Response: Refugee Aid
    Dear Friends, I have spent the better part of the past eight months looking away. The Syrian refugee crisis streams into my living room every night via the evening news...
  • Return To Nicaragua
    Dear Friends, This summer a theme seems to be undeniably emerging. Voices. Everywhere there are voices that have gone un-listened to for far too long. And they are now demanding...

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